Natron Baxter designs hard-working games

that improve the human condition and create positive, real-world impact.

We use player-first design to augment everyday experiences across platforms, from brick-and-mortar to bit-and-pixel. Baxter games can engage your learners, orient your employees, inspire your organization, and make all the party people say hey-o.

Service Specialties
  • Concept Development
  • Co-Creation Labs & Workshops
  • Creative & Technical Strategy
  • Contextual Inquiry & Validation
  • Game Mechanics Design
  • Game Economy Design
  • Narrative Development & Storytelling
  • Brand, Visual & Interface Design
  • Web, Mobile, and Tablet Development
  • Analog Game Development
  • Event & Experience Design
  • Prototyping
  • Playtesting & Analytics

what we’re about

We take play seriously. Every design benefits from a collaborative discovery phase, wherein we investigate opportunities, contexts, and player motivations. Together, we meticulously test assumptions and develop guiding principles. Then it’s back to the ever-growing Baxter Playbook, where we base our work in behavioral models, motivation theory, and the best practices of game design.

discover, design, test, iterate, discover, design, test

We use mechanics with a low barrier to entry and aesthetics with an irresistible zing. And we use whatever technology the situation requires, from high tech to no tech.

The Baxters are a cross-functional team of game designers, strategists and transmedia storytellers, experience designers and usability specialists, artists, performers, and writers, creative technologists and developers, college dropouts and Ivy League PhDs. We’re inspired by intrinsically rewarding experiences based in meaningful challenge, curiosity, humor, mastery, agency, social connection and the power of story. We are driven to innovate and create games with a positive impact.

We are also driven to find the perfect deviled egg.

and plus

featured projects

cold claim gameful
heartchase scramblr
divide me

Baxters make meaningful games for non-profits, cultural institutions, universities, governments, scrappy startups and Fortune 500s. We work with recognized brands and kindred spirits like the American Heart Association, a global hospitality brand, GE, Hallmark, Maritz, the New York Public Library, the Centers for Disease Control, the World Bank, game evangelist Jane McGonigal, and the government of Singapore.

Baxter games have been featured at TED, GDC, and SXSW, trended on Twitter, and been discussed in The New York Times, Wired, and blogs all over, and featured on CNN, NPR, BoingBoing, and Mashable. Our games have been played in over 190 countries and territories, started businesses in sub-Saharan Africa, united South American innovators, and aspire to reach players in every country, of all ages and in all economic conditions.

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