We Have Seen The Future and It Has Lost Some Weight


It’s been a hot week for the Baxters, with two launches in four days and twice as many Pepcid. A particularly emphatic “huzzah!” goes out to our friends at IFTF, with whom we developed and road-tested the Forecast Engine v1.0 on behalf of the Myelin Repair Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and futures-thinkers everywhere.

Participants in the limited-run event were asked to ruminate on one simple yet profound question: “How would you advise the President to reinvent the process of medical discovery?” With tweet-length microforecasts (1500+ in 24 hours), players then speculated, collaborated, and investigated a stream of dynamic and increasingly diverse ideas. Inspired by the TweetDeck format, the game empowered players to interact with a deluge of content, bounce across abstract ideas, and follow threads of support and rebuttal.

With its smart dose of Applied Gaming, we’d call the Foresight Engine strangely addictive (that is, if we could figure out the difference between the proper usage of “addictive” and “addicting”).

More insight on the intent of the game, industry commentary, player feedback, and a game summary are roundabouts that there internet and on the Twitter.

We’ll hit the ignition on the Foresight Engine v1.1 November 9-10, with upgrades to site usability and numerous bug fixes. We hope you’ll join our cadre of R&D renegades. Or perish!

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