The Cardinal’s Rules of Engagement

After the conclusion of last week’s Symbolic Systems Forum at Stanford, the very real Jai followed up with the very real Byron Reeves on our ruminations. Of particular interest to this Baxter was Mr. Reeves’ emphasis on the importance of gaming elements in modern day work settings.

Color us engaged!

Concerning our, well, concerns Mr. Reeves grappled diligently, offering much appreciated insight into what is an ever-increasingly faceted puzzle.

Illuminating a workforce, transforming industries, and respecting cultural idiosyncrasies requires a conscious and consistent design approach.

And rightfully so. The inherent power of applied gaming lies in the customizable nature of games themselves.

Defining and conveying rules, building safeguards, and designing expressive worlds require approaches inspired by, and designed in tandem with, the natural environment.

Self-regulating by and large, our involvement within it encourages its evolution and, in turn, our own.

But, observing and modifying behaviors are incredibly delicate tasks, ones that benefit from multiple participants working collaboratively, overtly or as disparate parts within a system, to read, react and repair.

As “The Garden” grows and our affiliation with applied gamers strengthens, we can collectively bring into focus our requisite principled approaches.

Thanks, Jai!

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