Teh Daily Scrambler


Smack it on the butt and welcome to the world Teh Daily Scrambler: a Twitter race to unscramble the headlines! It’s a Natron Baxter experiment in ‘gaming the news’ in a casual, self-sustaining way, and all you need to play is a Twitter account and a human brain. First, follow @scrmblr from your Twitter account or check out the challenge headline at tehdailyscrambler.com. To play, simply unscramble the headline — word for word — and tweet @scrmblr with the challenge-specific #tag and your answer. Be the first with a perfect unscramble and we’ll give you props. Your winning answer will also unlock the next scrambled headline, so take a shot at becoming a Newsmaker. That’s better than ice cream!

Have fun and keep in touch.

- The Baxters

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