Speaking of Applied Gaming…

We enjoy sharing our brand of game design with willing participants and audiences wherever we travel, which is why we fiddle with the format in the hopes that it honestly reflects our values while respecting your smarts and sensibilities.

Our next workshop is two weeks from today, this one hosted by Engine Yard at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles on July 26, and we’d like to make sure we nail the latter square on the head.

So, if you’re thinking of going and aren’t certain, we’d love to learn what you would love to learn. What would make it, without a doubt, absolutely worth your time and dime?

Leave your requests and thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll come up with an agenda tailored for this workshop.

Cheers, and game on!

“Hello, My Game Is: How Productive Play Trumps Social”

The Standard Hotel
550 South Flower
Los Angeles, CA 90071

5:00 pm PST

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