Playful Acts of Kindness


Begone, you heavy curtains upon the windows of Baxter HQ! Let our pale skin bathe in sunlight once again! Lo, the beachgoers love it!

Just one in a series of monster launches over the next few weeks, we’re proud to point a link to the iPhone mobile app of AOK, a “social game for social good” more accurately described thusly:

“AOK is a fun and challenging way to get recognized for contributing to, sharing, and becoming aware of the millions of Acts of Kindness already happening somewhere on this planet every day.”

Many moons ago, we were contacted by the talented, enthusiastic producers of AOK to help them sculpt a game-inspired experience that increased mindfulness of acts of kindness while maintaining the intrinsic value of Doing Good. We tucked into our game mechanics bag o’ tricks and designed a system that sat thoughtfully in the background, monitoring and nudging the little behaviors that make a social hero. With the help of many outstanding hands, we’re proud to see that collaborative vision spring to life.

A comprehensive web component and mobile iterations are stirring in the soil. In the meantime, you can read more from the producers of AOK on the Gameful blog, here, and ask yourself: “Can we make the world kinder by playing a game?”

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