Oh yeah: workshops (a soft sell, so bear with us)


Parking lot politics. Good deed safaris. Supermarket scavenger hunts. GPS-enabled truth or dare. The gems created by the participants of Natron Baxter Applied Gaming Workshops could fill a small-but-respectable portion of Liberace’s cape. What started out as a way for the Baxters to empower clients with gameful thinking has quickly turned into the Most Fun We Have All Week. And now we want to Have It With You.

More than just an opportunity to sit in a conference room (oh yeah!), our one- or two-day sessions surface the pervasive power of games, dissect and examine their gooey inner workings, and empower y’all with a process for making games to call your own. We’ll talk storytelling and science. We’ll heap praise (or rotten vegetables) upon relevant industry examples. We’ll do an activity wherein we choreograph a silly dance and try to justify it as an important Applied Gaming learning experience but in reality we JUST NEED TO DANCE. Heck, we almost feel guilty getting as much out of it as we do.

What do you get? Good gameful thinking and an old fashioned good time, including …

Workplace Cheats & Hacks – Share how you’re already “gaming” your day and doing our job for us.

Game Deconstruction – Most games are really the same game; we’ll break down your favorites and analyze the guts.

No-Holds-Barred Complain-o-thon – Bring insights and opportunities to the surface by whining about work. (Personal attacks forbidden.)

Professional Performance – Perform your nine-hour day in ninety seconds. Patterns ahoy!

… which helps us generate a set of artifacts and rules that emerged during the workshop experience, ever an actionable reminder of the collaborative mayhem of those productive hours.

Think about it. Then get in touch.

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