Jane McGonigal’s Evoke: A Baxter Joint


Were any of us a trumpeter, we’d toot that thang. Instead it sits, spit-coated and lonely in the corner, rusting in synchronicity with our Nordic Track.

The fanfare (instead, silence) would sound the launch of Evoke, the newest endeavor of esteemed gamestress Jane McGonigal on behalf of the World Bank. In what she’s lovingly titled “a crash course in changing the world,” the game empowers young people all over the world, and especially in Africa, to start solving urgent social problems like hunger, poverty, disease, conflict, climate change, sustainable energy, health care, education, and human rights. You know, the little things.

Natron Baxter Applied Gaming is lucky enough to have designed and developed the Evoke platform (we did so atop the sometimes moody Ning), built the backend, and brought the astounding work of McGonigal, Kiyash Monsef, and illustrator Jacob Glaser to life. Cheers to all the hardworking Baxters involved.

The game launched March 3rd and runs for ten weeks, so get thee evoking! (The world ain’t gonna fix itself.)

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