Getting Back on Track with Engine Yard

TechRepairGreetings and apologies! It’s been five long months since the last blog entry, and to say Mr. Baxter was none too happy about that would be an understatement. (For unplugging the Internet again, Ben was demoted indefinitely to “Blog Janitor and First Zombie Responder”.) The crew here has been under the hood since October developing several big games and fine-tuning the alignment of our principles and processes. Indeed, we should never have gone so long without a peep.

To make amends and get on the good foot, we will soon open the tap and share our insights and epiphanies while taking an honest look at ourselves and Applied Gaming. Frankly, we want to openly express what it is we do, why we do it, and the ways in which we can make better hard-working games – and most importantly to understand and learn from you, beloved player.

So to get your motor running, the word around the water cooler is that our very own Nathan Verrill, co-founder and resident Stanley Tucci lookalike, is moderating an Applied Gaming mini-workshop tomorrow at Open House Gallery in New York City. Please join us in a hearty round of applause and endless hat tips to the brilliant folks at Engine Yard and Amazon AWS for helping make this possible.

If you’ll be there, come prepared to nurture some important ideas with Nathan. And if you can’t attend, we’ll post a full recap of the event next week for all to enjoy. In the meantime, what playful ideas are you nurturing?

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