Gameful Employment


If the Baxters owned a spotlight, we’d shine our Batman-esque call to arms against the stormy night sky. But we don’t own a spotlight, so Nathan will have to hold his iPhone behind a Jell-O mold. Set that screen brightness to maximum, comrade!

We’re living in an imperfect world, they tell me, and we need help to right the listing ship. We know there’s something to this “game” thing — and that thoughtful games can make the world a better place — so we’re drafting an army of innovators and optimists to leverage games for the betterment of humankind (sorry chinchillas!). Our “secret” HQ is currently at, but we’re moving it into an extinct volcano just as soon as we install the wainscoting.

Get in deep here, and help us kick it off proper here.

Um, any aesthetic similarity to Shmoozl is purely coincidental.

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