Cold Claim: a Resource Strategy Game for iPad

Download Cold Claim for iPad from the App Store, recruit a couple of friends in the Game Center, set aside 30 minutes, and see who’s got the grit for fortune-hunting at the frozen end of the Earth.

The year is 2049. After the collapse of the Antarctic Treaty, nations, corporations, and enterprising individuals are in pursuit of Earth’s most precious resource: Paleo Water. As an expedition leader in charge of securing untold bounty, you’ll navigate harsh terrain, prospect for wealth, discover artifacts, and claim coldly contested land … if your rivals don’t beat you to it.

In the footsteps of Settlers of Catan and Kingdom Builder, Cold Claim is a resource strategy game for two to four players via Game Center or pass-and-play. The spirit of the game harkens back the the Wild West, we like to think, and a time when The Law was just a cute concept, and fortune came through hard work, determination, diplomacy, and sometimes things quite sinister.

Players of Cold Claim are likewise faced with a clean start, icy twists of fate, and ethical dilemmas that thwart or clinch victory. And like the entrepreneurs and opportunists and altruists before them, they’re asked: what does it really mean to win?

Jump high-fives to the Baxters on the Cold Claim team, our collaborators at Green Wire and Jackson Maynard and Antidote, composer Jack Llewellyn-Karski, and the forward thinkers at Reynolds Family Foundation. Time for a cold one. You’ve earned it.

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