Baxter The Future


Rarely do the Baxters look forward to an all-nighter with tittering glee, but all bets were off at Write All Night, part of the New York Public Library’s “Find the Future” centennial celebration. Library chatter went unshushed, bibliophiles went berserk, dogs and cats … well, you know the drill.

Some 500 alpha geeks (our kind of people, really) spent their Rapture’s Eve tearing through the stacks in pursuit of the curious artifacts in the library’s collection. What they found was not only a connection to the remarkable stories of the past, but also the inspiration to, very literally, compose an epic future. By sunup, they had done just that: the collaborative writings of the 500 players comprised a hand-bound book and the newest tome in the library’s permanent collection.

[The fine storytelling was not reserved to the printed page, either. You can conjure the event by following the #findthefuture tag on Twitter; another heartening recap can be found in this New Yorker blog post.]

As always, the Baxters are as pleased as future punch to have helped sculpt the mayhem with designers Jane McGonigal, the big brains at the NYPL, preliminary game design by Playmatics, and a host of helpful souls, including Play Labs, Moka Social and Green Wire. Thirty-seven jump high fives are in order. And a nap.

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