July 2010

From the Firm of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue

Much to the chagrin of our legal counsel, we wanted to assure that every Certified Baxter had an equal say in the goings-on of our fledgling effort. What if, the esteemed esquire cautioned, voting resulting in a work-mucking tie? Would … MORE

Making Failing Games

From education, to the corporate workplace, to the scientific laboratory, failure is being embraced as desirable. With a growing cultural recognition of the value that mistakes play in the learning process, the gaming generation seems like a demographic that should … MORE

Incentives and Gaming the Real World

The announcement of Epic Win, an upcoming iPhone application spread across the Internet last Friday, was heralded as a new way to make every-day tasks more enjoyable and compelling. Epic Win takes traditional elements from RPGs – quests, XP, rare … MORE

Are There No *Real* Bad Guys?

“Greed is bad,” says Conspiracy for Good, a curious blend of ARG and multimedia participatory storytelling from Tim Kring and Co. And they have the fictional proof! It’s been interesting for the Baxters to compare Conspiracy for Good with our … MORE