April 2010

Industry Standard

Of note is the broad application of game mechanics to wildly different industries, audiences, and objectives. A couple examples caught our eye lately: the boys in brown supplementing their training with a little digital asobi and Bayer squirting Applied Game-flavored … MORE

Crocodile Baxters

What ho! A Baxter spotting in Australia has us kissing the blarney stone! In the March 25th issue of Melbourne’s The Age, Baxters Nathan and Matthew pull their best Muppet impressions and evangelize Applied Gaming with only slightly less authority. … MORE

Surviving the Gamepocalypse

Gameslinger (and honorary Baxter) Jesse Schell foresees the “Gamepocalypse” — a time when life and game blur into an indistinguishable engagement goo. His momentum-confirming interview is peppered with anecdotes and harbingers of an Applied Gaming future. We have similar visions … MORE