March 2010

Playing Games with Higher Education

Professor Lee Sheldon’s students aren’t so fussed about As or Bs. For them, it’s all about the XP. Instead of traditional grades, game design students earn experience points from their Indiana dungeonmaster. According to Professor Sheldon, “the elements of the … MORE

Shmoozl at GDC 2010 San Francisco

The Baxters want you to make meaningful connections at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. And, natch, we want you to have fun. So we created Shmoozl, a free networking microgame that puts some smarts into schmoozing. Shmoozl … MORE

Jane McGonigal’s Evoke: A Baxter Joint

Were any of us a trumpeter, we’d toot that thang. Instead it sits, spit-coated and lonely in the corner, rusting in synchronicity with our Nordic Track. The fanfare (instead, silence) would sound the launch of Evoke, the newest endeavor of … MORE