February 2010

Garden Sneak Peek – Skins ‘n’ Sprites

People are particular. We like our coffee a certain way. And really, our particular personalities are the sum of these one-cream-two-sugars-and-only-decaf-after-lunch preferences. Me? I’m a Dapper Dan man. We’re developing The Garden with everybody and nobody in particular in mind. … MORE

Tomorrow’s Kids, Today.

We love what happens when hearty portions of game and play principles are plated with school principals. Quest to Learn is a new education model in NYC that believes “students of all sorts can and do learn in different ways.” … MORE

Time Well Spent

Unouplus is the portfolio site of Tokyo interactive designer Yoshihiro Toda. In any language (the site is mostly kanji), Yoshi’s talent is easy to appreciate. Even moreso his skills at sneaking a little asobi into your day. His work is … MORE

Productivity Games Have a Purpose

Bangalore businessman Vikram Agarwal may have nicked the Attent™ model (which was surely swiped from somewhere else), but his efforts to popularize game elements in the workspace earn him one million spacebucks in our book. This intercontinental Michael Scott recounts … MORE