December 2009

Do You Really Wish to Continue?

Gizmodo tells the tale of Kristin, a 24-year-old stay-at-home mom who, well, obsesses over her XBox Live Gamerscore (which she racks up through in-game achievements). However, despite her obvious passion for points (by some accounts she’s the fourth-ranked female Xbox … MORE

Shameless Plug: Natron Baxter at Enterprise 2.0

Help the Baxters bring their A-Game to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. With your participation, we hope to do a little rabble-rousing for applied gaming and put on one helluva show. From the session description: You don’t need virtual … MORE

Applied Gaming At Target Off Target

The always lovely linkage at brought us to this ditty about Target employing some game elements to motivate and track their cashiers. And even though one employee acknowledges that it “makes work feel like a game,” we can’t help … MORE

Our Motivator: A Virtual Garden (with flowers)

Woggers of the world unite! We’re loving the like minds over at Fitbit, even if their diminutive health monitor has gotten tangled up in production. The nifty personal device — a hybrid pedometer and Nike+ doohickey — “keeps track of … MORE