November 2009

Participatory Storytelling: Death by a Thousand Cuts?

Jim Thacker wrote an article over on a couple weeks back titled “Participatory Storytelling: A Thousand Authors in Search of a Character,” wherein, he summarizes a roundtable discussion conducted at Power to the Pixel’s “Cross-Media Film Forum.” The two-peso … MORE

The Cardinal’s Rules of Engagement

After the conclusion of last week’s Symbolic Systems Forum at Stanford, the very real Jai followed up with the very real Byron Reeves on our ruminations. Of particular interest to this Baxter was Mr. Reeves’ emphasis on the importance of … MORE

Enterprise Games Forum at Stanford Ahoy!

Brush off the spats: Baxter-at-Large Jai will be representing NB at this afternoon’s dauntingly named Symbolic Systems Forum. We’ll be lending our ears to Byron Reeves, co-author of Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People … MORE

The Face of the Massively Multiplayer Workforce (Age 10)

Do you have a game face? A guitar face? A needle-threading face? You bet you do. It’s that contorted, emotional expression you don’t even know you’re pulling because you’re absolutely engaged in something else. And as Robbie Cooper’s fantastic snaps … MORE