October 2009

Total Engagement of the Massively Multiplayer Workforce

Yep, games are already informing the design of work. And friend, it has only just begun. As Reeves and Read express in their book, an army of gamers is penetrating the workplace, fueled by Red Bull and access to a sophisticated online gaming industry that is “staggeringly, stunningly big.” MORE

Chopsticks Would Break Your Neck

This video is getting linkage lately, and it illustrates one of the reasons we take fun so seriously: fun isn’t merely a motivator, it’s an anesthetic.

And Math Blaster Was Dumb

Atop an undeniable heap of anecdotal evidence, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang nails a few ways in which games are infiltrating our daily lives. Or really, how the culture and language of gaming is influencing the way we go about our otherwise … MORE